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About Huntley

A storied legacy

Huntley & Huntley has been led by four generations of private families since its founding in 1912 as a geologic and engineering consulting firm for the oil and natural gas industry. The company has been intentionally structured to remain smart, agile, networked and opportunistic as the industry has grown and evolved over decades.  During the first eighty years in business, Huntley performed reserve studies, reserve appraisals, project risk analyses and feasibility studies for privately owned and publicly held institutions. The firm’s first offices were located on the University of Pittsburgh campus to coincide with the school's desire to establish the first oil and gas technology department in the United States. The firm’s founders wrote the original textbooks and course curriculum that led to the first college degrees in the field.


As its reputation grew as a leading worldwide consulting firm, Huntley developed client relationships with many significant leaders in the oil and gas industry and acquired extensive knowledge on most major and minor fields. The company earned a reputation for delivering competent, reliable and professional advice and supervision to help clients locate solid, low-risk drilling opportunities. Its diverse clientele included major oil and gas families, corporations, financial institutions, utilities and industrial concerns, including pioneers such as M. L. Benedum (the Great Wildcatter), as well as many of the U.S. based exploration and production companies that emerged during the 20th century. At the time, Huntley was recognized for discovering many major oil fields both domestically and internationally. The most notable discovery was a productive field located in Lake Maracaibo, Venezuela. This discovery was developed into one of the world’s richest petroleum-producing regions.

Robert Gunn: "Freedom"

Robert Gunn: "Freedom"

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